ransaction Security

The Bank of NBG Group has undertaken the process of clearing your transactions ensuring your absolute safety. With the introduction of elements of your card, the Bank does not automatically charge the amount of your order, but it is bound. In the pricing of your order being made and costs. The card information you pass to a secure page of the Bank. The Bank of NBG Group a security certificate using the encryption technology SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 128bit. The SSL is a global Internet standard SSL offers encrypted communication 128bit. To identify a SSL encrypted transaction in the browser will notice a small yellow padlock and then go to a page https: / /. Your computer encryption via SSL sends the request to the server of the Bank. The server sends back to your computer, the security certificate, confirming the right to visit your page and your public key. Then, your computer uses the public key to encrypt confidential information (eg card number) and send to the server using the private key to decrypt.