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Return Policy

Back order can only be done in the following two cases:

1) From our fault

2) After typing mistake (slur, etc.), or the supplier after receiving a defective product.

If after receiving the request within 15 days and want to return your product, should be sent:

a. secure package with a copy of proof of payment

b. On private missions (courier) or registered mail, including possible loss of the package is not possible to make the necessary appropriation.

The charging of fees at the company's refund only if the customer opts for the same company missions from which you received the package of.

In cases of wrong products, or damage during shipment, please inform us at aelias@books-in-greek.gr stating as a matter of your e-mail "wrong product", "Corrupted Product" and the details of your order (Name, e-mail order, order number).

Finally, infringement of the rules on distance contracts, distance selling is, the customer can withdraw, that is to return the product without any reason to be reported, if desired. Provided of course is that the products are in the situation that received them. The possibility that repayment is within 14 calendar days from receipt of product from him.