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 The CD-ROM "Anthologio" is the first of a series of CD-ROMs, called THIMISSIS, addressed to lower secondary school children and aiming at the teaching of the ancient Greek language combined with history, civilization and archaeology, based upon texts of various ancient Greek writers. "Anthologio" offers the young learners a chance to realize the continuity of the Greek language and its development through the centuries, excites their interest for the learning of ancient Greek, lets them get accustomed with new ways of presentation of knowledge and build their learning of the ancient Greek language upon their knowledge of modern Greek. The introduction of a strong cultural dimension in the learning of ancient Greek and the emphasis upon the teaching of ancient Greek combined with parallel teaching of other school subjects are two of the most important features of the software. The CD-ROM covers topics like sports/athletics, music, education, men-women relationships and the Aesopian fables and includes sight-seeing of the Ancient Agora of Athens and the archaeological site of Olympia. A considerable number of photographs and videos (museum exhibits, virtual museums, films) support these topics. The presentation is based upon texts of various writers like Aesop, Aristotle, Euripides, Pausanias, Pindar, Plato and Simonides Amorginus. The ancient Greek texts are fully annotated and are accompanied by an original translation in Modern Greek. The software allows for the comparison of the two texts through the use of the technique of parallel speaking texts developed by ILSP. Language remarks follow every text as well as exercises for consolidation of the language material.


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