Farewell, darkness


      “Farewell, darkness ● Drawings and Writings” by Takis Alexiou, Renee Revah and K.I. Tsaousis.

 “Farewell, darkness” is a book full of Renee Revah’s writings and Takis Alexiou’s drawings. It is considered to be a unique edition that combines the art of speech and drawing to describe the psychological journey of a person in life. “My story, my experience I mean, might be similar to those of many other girls like me, who seek the discovery of truth beyond conventions, not out of curiosity but are driven by an instinct desire to speak with their fellow-man by looking into their eyes, and not fear the unmasking of a self which is different from what it only seems to be…And so I made this journey to the island where I relaxed and withdrew , the way a firm would if it was about to go bankrupt and fires employees to survive. It’s true that I was feeling awful and cried without apparent reason, I was confused, but then, it seems that a strong hand squeezed my arm and a voice reprimanded me: “The chain of life does not uphold slaves, but free spirits who have the right to change courses or quit either because they have grown tired or have ceased loving. Painful this may be, do not complain about your loses”…Something is beginning to change within me. It seems that this morning leads me elsewhere, away from the darkness where I have remained for a long time, perhaps, because I wished to learn about all the hidden details of our existence which reign the self through life. So, today, I am in the countryside, far away from the hustle and the bustle of the city. I run in a field full of sunflowers, imagining you are beside me as you follow my pace, without looking at you, I ask, whether you will take care of me when I get sick…”

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Renee Revah
Pages 160
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